Dos Graves

by Trash Face

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Dos Graves translated to English means "two bass". This was written and recorded with only two bass guitars and a casio keyboard in Drew's room in 4 days. Rock.


released December 31, 2012

Drew Emerson - Bass, Vocals
Bubby DePace - Bass, Vocals
Cassy Oh - Drums



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Trash Face California

Rat Salad Records

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Track Name: Hüsker Doom
I said
Put the bunny back in the box
God does exist
How do I live without you
How do I live
I'm not gonna leave you here man
I'm gonna get you your shot
Bullets cloud where I just was
And I'll save the day

As much as I love killing cops
They're hostages
They tried flying without us
There's only cons on that plane
Shoot it down NO hold your fire
Smooth crash on the strip with no deaths
I gotta see my daughter
Track Name: Bomb the Russians
You think you're wo tan?
Like I don't know
You'd recognize
This face I wear

Kill me sore
You changed so easy
Making it
And breaking the lie

*Remember this blueprint
Across the desert
Walk towards the commies
Blend in with the red hammer
And observe them with their oppression

Break into camp
Every tent alone
Just don't be followed for the sake of your country

If you're caught
Do not talk
Take this pill for the sake of humanity

Track Name: Hoopla
I don't wanna hear that crap
I don't wanna hear that language
Track Name: Diseased Nation
Sometimes I think you're ugly
Even though i know you're not
This place is really dirty
And all the people rot

*Everybody's gotta make it till night
Everybody's starving left and right

Now the population won't wake
No help is going there
Pray for another earthquake
So someone finally cares

Track Name: Poo
I've wasted my whole life trying to understand
Just how does poop come out when there's no food in my hand
It's always there
Track Name: Liquor
Butch ain't nothing like the rest
So I'm always treated like a guest
I wanna add to the sweaty mess
She runs her mouth but she couldn't care less

I need her homemade attitude
Maybe if she was in a different mood
If only she could just forget

If she forgot who she wants to be
It'd work out great for me
Then when I'd get to be with her
It'd be different than what we were
She wouldn't be there trying to wish
That I was a Mrs. or a Ms.
Cuz I can never give it back to her
The same attraction that I don't deserve
Track Name: Minute of Decay
(Marilyn Manson Cover)

There's not much left to love
Too tired today to hate
I feel the empty
I feel the minute of decay
I'm on my way down now, I'd like to take you with me
I'm on my way down
I'm on my way down now, I'd like to take you with me
I'm on my way down

*The minute that it's born
It begins to die
I'd love to just give in,
I'd love to live this lie

I've been to black and back
I've whited out my name
a lack of pain, a lack of hope,
a lack of anything to say
I'm on my way down now, I'd like to take you with me
I'm on my way down, I'd like to take you with me

Track Name: Trash Face
Trash Face
Dos Graves
Track 8
Trash Faaaaace