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It's called Utah because it was recorded during our vacation in Utah with only an acoustic guitar, a pair of bongos, and a tambourine.


released March 11, 2013

Drew Emerson - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Bubby DePace - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals



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Track Name: SLC Never Sleeps
(SLC Punk Sample)

I shoulda went to bed days ago
But I stayed blind, scrambled and slow
Can't seem to keep when I'm running full blast
True stories a mile a minute already in the past

The 3 monsters kept me company
All talking for an hour in the latrine
Then I went back and stayed in the dark and scratched off day 12 with a check mark
Track Name: Voicemail
So I was peeing outside, and I look over my shoulder and perched on my gate is a hawk.
And I'm peeing, and it's like looking me in the eyes, and like once I'm done peeing... it flies over, and it flies over my head and just goes into the sunset.
And it looked like really beautiful and I had to tell someone.
It was like majestic or something.
Track Name: Goatee
Nothing's louder and nothing's loud enough
Migraine in my stomach I could just throw up
The sound of everything makes my ears ring
I swear I'll go deaf this time
Steam rises as I run boiling
Then I start to feel sublime

So I crashed on the couch filled up with lethargy
My arms are dead and the walls are sore

*I want to tear apart everything but it's all cardboard
Too fragile and too easy
It needs to hurt much more

Then my eyes burn a hole through the wall
But I never really looked at it at all

Track Name: Civil Disobedience
I'm not gonna keep of your grass
And I won't conform with the middle class


I'm not gonna go to bed at 10
And I'm not gonna take my medicine
Cuz I don't agree with your fascist ways
I'm not gonna write a 5 paragraph essay


I'm not gonna do what society tells me to
I got nothing to prove so I'm not gonna listen to you
Track Name: Dayman
(Charlie Kelly Cover)

Dayman, ah-ah-aaahh...fighter of the Nightman
Champion of the sun
You're a master of karate and friendship for everyone
Track Name: Bats Maturing
I'm shaking with excitement from another disappointment
But it wasn't mundane my pulse shivering inside the drain
then I thought of you and con air while I played solitaire
I believed its just the thought that counts but you didn't know and you didn't care

There's deception in pure words mounted by my self worth
There's always unheard of cryptic meanings to unearth

You can try to question and negate everything that I say
Just keep your complaints out of my way

Self centered lies revolting against anything that's vague
You can bury a mountain under this ocean of a plague